Search and rescue exercise training.
Starts at Saturday, 3 November, 2018 - 18:00
Ends at Saturday, 3 November, 2018 - 21:00
Location Gondola Christchurch, 10 Bridle Path Road, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch 8022, New Zealand

Christchurch Gondola RescueX 2018

Updated 31/10/18

Weather Forcast

Looking like strong to gail force winds NW possible Saturday afternoon with high cloud etc.

Plan A- To carry out gondola rescue from tower 4 to tower 6 as per plan below

Plan B- If high winds and gondola is not operating due to line closeure over 90km/hr

The gondola crew will load 4 cars up to tower 5 to allow the lower cable to be used (high wind only).

Wind conditions and line closure will be assessed on the day by gondola staff.



Teams Safety

All teams are responsible for their own health and safety and risk management as per their team policy on the day, this will be briefed prior to the start of the exercise. 


All teams please bring your radios for connection to AREC/ ICP bus unit that will be located on site.


ESX39 "Liasion" for general channel

Other teams direct channels of normal operation ( to be clarified by AREC on the night)


Gondola SOP download:

Video from CTV on the last one in 2014:

Police News Website:

Rescue Plan:

Christchurch Gondola evacuation plan in the event of a natural disaster like the Christchurch EQ's or major failure.

This SAREX is for Christchurch rescue teams to evacuate the public from each stranded car on the cableway to the awaiting teams for evacuation to the safe point in the car park. (ICP) (Gondola Base)

This RescueX will be run from police IMT located at EOC in central police station


-Local landsar to run/work in at IMT as per normal operations

-Alpine Cliff Rescue to execute the car plan

-Civil Defence teams to run/work in at IMT as per normal operations
-An ACR adviser from the team to be at ICP to help
-ACR to do vertical work from gondola as per normal SOP for this rescue

-FENZ lines rescue/ RATS team/ ACR terrain slope lowers from upper slopes to handoff to landsar/ Red Cross and council teams as required

-Landsar, Red Cross and Civil Defence to provide land based support and evacuation to safe point in car park from tower 5 and up to tower 7, approx 12 people to move.

-Westpac Rescue to lift critically ill patient from car extraction (TBA)

Times (approx):

5.00pm - Meeting in car park for the relevant teams

  • Landsar Teams
  • FENZ lines rescue
  • ACR Christchurch
  • RATS team
  • NZ Red Cross
  • Civil Defence teams
  • AREC teams (comms)
  • Police ICP
  • Gondola Operations
  • WESTPAC Rescue

SAREX briefing and dynamic plan for the evening 6pm briefing 

START- Mark Foster to call John RCC 04 577 8030

6.15pm  (Approx)Mock PLB activation to simulate activation of the rescue plan if communications, cell towers, power and gearbox failure and the like are out for some reason, worst case senario.

6.30pm - ICP taskings established and hasty search started of cable way up to tower 7 to confirm gondola car numbers and members of the public stranded or any injuries present.

Gondola car map as per SOP to be handed to ICP for hasty search

  • Alpine Cliff Rescue- Cableways and gondola cars evacuation to ground crews
  • FENZ and RATS technical slope lowers to handoff in lower slopes or evac to safe point
  • CD, NZRC and Landsar teams- Ground crew movement for public taken from handoff from FENZ /RATS to ICP (Gondola Base)
  • AREC- maintain comms to all parties via "liaison channel (ESX39)"
  • Westpac Rescue - Airlift of injured patient from steep ground evac point (approx 7.30pm pickup) Location as per separate pick up way point.

8.30pm   End- SAREX hot debrief

9.00pm Leave site



Safety Coordinator and advisor for the RescueX

Jamie Mead -Skyline Adventure Park manager Rotorua (TBC)

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